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San Antonio Pest Control Problems Online

August 29, 2011
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You know pest control is a funny thing. Professionals deal with those little things that bug people all day long. Exterminators find that feedback from customers is very helpful in controlling pests. So where does one turn to let Google know of some pests in the results?

Well if you are the New York times you just publicly announce it and google gets right on it. But here is our best beat… Let’s try to publicly tell google.

Here it is:

This above website shows in Google search for San Antonio Pest Control. Not only does it show up, but on the 1st page, none the less.

The rest of the results look pretty good. Even if the two big guys ABC and Bulwark Exterminating are beating out the small town heroes, still a valid page.


Bulwark Exterminating
118 Broadway Street, Suite 324, San Antonio, TX 78205-1950
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