How to sign up: PostADay / PostAWeek (via The Daily Post at

Hey… If a queen ant can produce 2000 eggs a day then you should be able to produce one blog post a day… Right?

Well… perhaps we are not all as tenacious as ants, so lets shoot for 1 a week. You can count the pest control guy in. =)

Here are two challenges we're organizing: Post A Day and Post A Week.  You can pick which, and then you'll be committed to posting once a day, or once a week, for all of 2011.  We'll support and encourage you from this blog every step of the way. You can join up any time – don't worry if a few days or weeks have gone by, start now. Signing up is simple – do the following: Post on your blog that you’re participating (You can grab a sample post her … Read More

via The Daily Post at


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